Festival Fringe

The ‘Festival Fringe’ has grown considerably over the years. This year saw seven different events taking place during Festival week. These covered a range of activities and were in different locations around Hythe.

NCI Coastwatch – This year the first event during Festival week was part of the Fringe. Colin Lewis gave an illustrated talk about NCI Coastwatch and what happens at the top of Calshot tower.

Exhibition, Calshot 1819-1919 – Waterside Heritage provided this exhibition at The Grove; phoographs and documents showing the history of Calshot between the Napolionic and First World Wars.

Hythe & Waterside Poppy Makers – Crocheted flowers formed the basis of their display was was strung around Grove Gardens during Festival week.

Hymnathon – St John’s Church was the venue for this unusual event. People were able to sponsor their favourite Hymns (proceeds to the church) and the choir along with musicians sung and played the top 50 during the day. Local artists also had some of their painting on display.

Summer Reading Challenge – The Big Friendly Read was launched at Hythe Library and children could register to take part. Various craft activities were also available for them to take part in.

The remaining two fringe events were an exhibition of original paintings and prints by Peter & Mary York in their National Gardens Scheme garden during the week and music in the Lord Nelson pub on the Friday evening

    4. Coastwatch talk      9. Calshot Exhibition      12. Crocheted Flowers 

                                  39. Hymnathon                     43. Library