About Us

Mike-RobinsonWaterside Arts was formed in 1994 after a visit to Hythe’s ‘twin town’ where there was an annual village Festival. A group of people got together and decided it would be a great idea to have one in Hythe as well and the idea was born.

A weekend Festival took place in Hythe that July and has done every year since. Back in the 90s and early 2000s the Festival was much bigger, growing to a two week event with orchestras, theatre and even open air rock concerts. Due to changes in licensing regulations the Festival has, once again, become a smaller, but much enjoyed event.

The current Festival committee are Mike Robinson, Brenda Smith, Alan & Eleanor Burtenshaw and Ted Vaughan, but we are always looking for new helpers.

The Festival is self funding and run by individuals, not as many people think by the local Council.  All events are free to give access for all, yet still give a ‘platform’ for local groups – be they music, dance or theatre – to perform. Finance to cover the costs comes from grants and sponsorship. Take a look at our sponsors to see who are generously supporting us this year.

This year’s Festival takes place between Friday 14th and Sunday 16th July again in and around Hythe.  Visit the Festival 2017 page for details of every thing that will be happening.

To see what took place last year visit the Festival 2016 page. Why not take a look at the Previous Festivals pages to a see what happened over the past few years.