The 24th Annual Waterside Arts S26 Street Entertainerummer Festival took place in  Hythe, in the New Forest over the ‘long’ weekend 14th – 16th July 2017.

Visit the Festival 2017 page to see everything that took place. Also visit the Previous Festivals page to see what happened over the past few years.

2018 will be the 25th year that Waterside Arts will have staged a summer Festival in Hythe and the organisers are planning something special. You can keep up to date with these plans as they come together on the Festival 2018 page.

If you want to become involved, either taking part or helping with the organisation there will be an Open Meeting at Hythe & Dibden Community Centre, 7.15pm on Tuesday October 24th, when we will look at the Festival earlier this year and start looking at ideas for 2018.


You can also visit our facebook page to keep up to date with everything.